To achieve anal dilation (and generally painless anal sex), the secret is to use an anesthetic cream to further relax the sphincter muscle. There are 2 possibilities: resorting to a lubricant with anesthetic, sold in sex shops, or then opting for the professional approach, used in the porn industry, and applying an anesthetic ointment.

Using accessories will make women pay more attention to you and comment on them, which serves to break the ice and make you more enigmatic. For example, I have a Tibetan pendant that I hang around my neck and that receives a lot of comments and praise, along with some leather boots and a pair of rings that drive women crazy. They like to examine them and deep down they hold my hands and that is a good start to touch us. The only thing is knowing how to select the accessories that you are going to take with you.

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The yang begins to touch the yin, but it should not touch it in any way

Houses, as well as clothing, are also used to transmit encrypted messages, and at this point and time we must consider the difference between the house to live in and the house to teach. In this last genre there is a subdivision: the house-museum and the house-window. The first is typical of the old rich and the second is typical of the new rich. In that one, the main piece of furniture is a chest in which the grandmothers hid their grandparents' friends; in this one, the plastic bronzes and the genuine copies of Botero's fat women.

Ardor, seduction or sensuality are words that come like a glove

My name is Kiara, a tender and exquisite whore who will enchant you with her many charms. For the fact that I can be sweet and also innocent but totally ready to be depraved … or also a voracious feline after her man. Pleasure, sex and a lot of affection, a companion that you will have a hard time saying goodbye to and with whom after meeting me, you will have tender and passionate dreams.

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Woe to him who, knowing Love, would abandon him and decide to reprimand those who offend him, because his anger would make him see that he is blind and lost and that he will not enter this way, and will suffer perpetually, and will be left and uncontrolled, and still exhausted. He will not be able to rest, because his life will be the same hell.

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In the company of a Teacher, the practitioner is continually exposed to the understanding of the spiritualized body-psyche and, through a kind of contagion, his body and psyche are gradually transformed. That contagion is not possible without Karma and Bhakti Yoga. This can be understood in modern terms, as a form of vibrational discipline, where the vibratory state, with a faster frequency of the Guru, gradually establishes the speed of the disciple's vibrations.

One way or another, when you leave my side you will be the most satisfied and happy man on Earth

Fishnet, seamless type, French cut, with the panty cut in the shape of a thong, approximately transparent, with or without prints, champagne color, green, red, blue or yellow tones, with silicone on the flexible or with a garter and garter belt, with Cuban, French or Havana heels … the catalog of stockings that a woman can find in the market is endless and each and every one of them serves to, in one way or another, highlight the beauty of the calf, the female ankle and thigh. Hence, erotic underwear is one of the great weapons that a woman has to attract the gaze of men. The stockings, fulfilling this function, become an object of adoration for many men. And without a doubt it will be much more so when that stocking is transformed into a magnificent erotic toy.