Give a brief introduction to the topic you are going to ask about and request confirmation of the doubt. For instance; Today that we went to the movies, I seemed to notice that you got anxious the moment I greeted you, so and so, was it this way? In truth, this is a really worrying issue for us men, and very harmful for women; who are the most affected. Premature ejaculation is a condition that can put a woman on the road to infidelity; That is why it is important for women to know that there are means to combat it, ranging from techniques recommended by a doctor to the use of drugs. There are many writings that teach these techniques, just in case you don't want or can't afford a professional. Medications for premature ejaculation are practically new, and must be prescribed by a doctor; usually a urologist, or by the GP. ?

If at any point she starts moaning or making noise, remind her to keep quiet by putting your free hand over her mouth. If someone enters the bathroom, slow down your movements and stay as calm as possible. The possibility of being caught is going to make the event considerably more exciting.

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In fact, in many countries homosexuality is still considered a crime

From Headlines and Footers, where you are both on your back, with your knees bent and your buttocks practically touching, you can reach out and offer your arms to him. In the same way, you can grab the next of your legs (the hamstrings) and stand up. With enough core strength, you can sit on your own.

The ice shell that I built around me has isolated me from the real planet until now, but it has been abruptly broken one day and I go back in time, but with the added inconveniences of the present. I think: How am I going to get up if I stumble over and over on the same stone! These past days I had a sun illuminating my darkness, but it also faded, not completely, but the intensity with which it shone decreased and I fell back into darkness.

Here are some vibrators worth checking out. All of these were recommended by the fantastic Kathryn, who works at Sh! (pronounced shush), the UK's first sex shop aimed at women.

In order for sex to be pleasant, it is essential that it is your own and personal choice

All these studies to which we have referred in the article and opinions such as that of Ignasi Puig have not eluded, however, that BDSM practices continue to form part of what is known as the psychiatric web or, more technically, DSM (Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders) or, what is exactly the same, a list of what is considered a mental disorder. Despite this, BDSM, apart from a mental disorder, is considered in many circles a paraphilia, that is, not so much a mental disorder as a deviation. From InfoBDSM, however, we will continue highlighting the beneficial aspects of the practice of BDSM and defend the freedom of those who decide to live their sexuality following its parameters.

Myth number 5: In a huge relationship you can say everything you feel Before saying something that you are going to regret it is better to bite your tongue. The things we affirm when we are in a moment of anger do not necessarily represent how we feel and this should not be communicated, especially if it is something destructive

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For years it was thought that sexual enjoyment or pleasure was exclusive to adults and adolescents who had developed. The patents show that boys and girls, not all or always, but when they are stimulated and their excitement grows, they can achieve climax. Only that in them there is no fantasy factor or the desire for a partner as in adults. It is an experience of autoeroticism and not a pro-partner tension.

Perhaps in honor of that sucking action of Isis, and as heirs of her, the felatrices were born. The felatrices were especially skilled women dedicated to fellatio, not necessarily whores. These women who specialized in the art of eating cocks were easily distinguishable: their lips were painted with an intense carmine that identified them in front of the rest of society.

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The other day I was having sex with two girls … And that's it, I have nothing more to add, I was not going to tell details nor did I want to get anywhere, I just wanted to show off that I had sex with 2 girls. Well, since, you see, it's what men do, we show off our sexual exploits. Competition is our thing and we make use of that, to see who can more, say it and prove it. It does not even matter if it is true, the point is to show others that we have the capacity to achieve feats. Monkeys, I mean, men, we are competitive by nature.

The experience of Loving is much more evident when it occurs in the couple but, I insist, love is something personal and it does not have to be reciprocated. It is the attitude of one in front of the rest. It should not be confused with so-called passionate love, which is possessive, selfish and violent. Passionate love is an irrational and obsessive desire for something or someone that is idealized above other things or people. The passionate individual believes that the only way to achieve bliss is to have that thing. In short, it is a whim, and once the desired thing is achieved, the desire ceases, in general, without covering the hopes, which usually leads to the appearance of a new desire and in this way consecutively, until the moment in which it understand that wishes do not bring happiness.