Hello everyone, my name is Jeny and I am looking forward to meeting you … I have crossed the ocean to test the momentum and warmth that the gentlemen of this country give off. I have a body full of meandering curves, where your senses will be disturbed in a lewd way and you will not want to leave my side … dare to have a unique date with me.

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Sweet, affectionate, indelible, young and very pretty

Before I start with the first few revelations, I want to make it clear in advance that men, contrary to what many women imagine, are very easy to understand. They are completely predictable beings.

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Hi heart. My name is Gaby and, as you can see, I am a beautiful, sensual and exciting Colombian escort with smooth and tanned skin, a feline look and a bloga body. In my curves you will find paradise; between my arms, pleasures that you did not know; on my butt, the best place to get mad with desire. Uninhibited and passionate about sex as I am, I will be your ticket to ecstasy. When you get to it, my name will have become indelible for you. And you will use it from then on as a perfect synonym for pleasure.

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Laura couldn't think how insolent he was. How he called her a girl and a pretty thing as if it were his property. He felt an unmistakable wetness between his legs and he picked up the martini glass and took it under the dark gaze of this man. Tom came in and approached from the other side and explained that he must get a key to get back to his room. He asked Laura who this man was and before she could answer Ian chatted.

It's tuned, 24 hours a day, to a station you can't even hear

If you want to know what I understand by poise, I recommend that you take a look at the character of James Bond. I have seen certain of his films and the truth is that I do not remember ever having caught him with a nervous tic. Nor have I come across any scene where he appears stuttering, grimacing, or hesitating before addressing a woman.

And what does that mean? People think that when they say they do whatever they want, they say I AM FREE, what they don't know is that they are only acting by instinct and not by reason and the latter is what differentiates human beings (reasonable beings) of the animals.

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So, let's get to work, the path of desire is nothing more than looking for in the other what we want him to feel, getting as a reward to transform ourselves into desired beings, enjoy every moment of the present and value every curve of life or life. personality of the one who accompanies us in this short and ephemeral moment called present.

REALITY. Spaniards, ignoring biorhythms and patron saints, reserve the beginning of the weekend (Friday night and Saturday morning) for their erotic needs. And against any hormonal prognosis, the chances of having sex increase if the couple takes a weekend getaway, before bed and after a romantic dinner away from home. At least, the climax serves as an infallible ally to fall asleep naturally wherever you are.

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