REAL PROBLEM: Things are very distant. We're not close enough, and I want more than you give. Also, how essential am I to you, anyway?

The inverted lotus. How is this erotic pose executed to encourage the G-spot? To perform the inverted lotus pose, the woman must lie on her back, raise her pelvis (as if wanting to do a back flip), and support her ankles. Once this situation is adopted, the man, leaning on the bed with his hands, will penetrate her. By penetrating it in this way, the man's penis will stimulate the G-spot. The G-spot stimulation will be more direct and, therefore, effective, the more the woman is facing backward. Although this erotic posture to stimulate the G-spot can be somewhat tiring for the woman, the stimulation experienced by the G-spot and, consequently, the pleasure achieved thanks to it, justifies the effort involved in its execution.

At my age I enjoy my body and sex with total totality, without limits and without taboos, I am sure of myself and what I can bring you. Go ahead and let's live an intimate and different encounter, full of complicity.

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No, everything is not valid. We should propose to ourselves already before carrying out any sexual practice if we put our physical or psychological integrity or that of another person at risk or danger, if so, not carry it out. Anything goes as long as it does not limit our life, does not prevent us from performing other sexual practices, we maintain respect for ourselves and for the other and it is by mutual agreement. That is, it is valid as long as it does not harm the other person or myself in any way, both physically and psychologically.

As we mentioned previously, women have two different genital nerves: the pudendal, which connects to the clitoris and the surrounding skin; and the pelvic, which connects to the vagina and uterus. With some awareness and a little practice, women can try deep vaginal and uterine contractions. A multi-orgasmic woman described her experience.

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Having 2 women blowing at the same time turned out to be less hot than I had always imagined and in all circumstances. It was still fucking hot, but it wasn't super fucking hot. It really was super fucking hot, now that I think about it.

If you are somewhat attentive, you can quickly realize that we are designed for pleasure, joy, bliss and ecstasy. We have our entire body surrounded by sensors that on the one hand produce pleasure and on the other pain, the two mechanisms designed by nature to point us if the path we are following is the correct one. The way in which existence tells us that we are on the right path is by giving us pleasure when

In my public appearances, I mentioned that place in Prague and stated that in the

If you have met an escort, you can take her to a gay bar to continue seducing her there. You have the advantage that you will not have competition. You are going to be perceived as, more macho compared to your surroundings. They will not enter it and you look more modern and open.

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And sinners became patient. And what was previously solved with penances is now solved with patches. Because it could not be otherwise, what ethics requires to be remedied has a remedy. When the will does not control the endocrinology that shapes us, the only will that remains is to remedy ourselves. The absurd struggle between certain bodybuilders (humanists, religious, moralists …) who claim that what determines the use of our sexuality are strictly cultural factors and certain biologists (scientists, doctors, biologists …) who maintain that we are only what makes us biochemically and based on that we acted, it was served. It seems that a king is needed who, in sex, defends with truth the normative discourse of always and at all times.

I am assuming that you are reading this post because you are motivated to make a change or improvement in your relationship. You must also have some degree of belief that things can be better in your life.

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The idea of having your face between your legs can make some men feel eager. Before you open the discussion, you will want to read about the fears and inconveniences men face in Paper 3, Para. If you can understand what might be bothering you already before you open the discussion, you can listen more sympathetically, know a bit about what might be in your psyche.

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Damn predictive text – how could you not make room for this great tool? Since yes, especially when I have seen a chilling news: A man killed his friend in Manchester, because he put nutter, instead of mutter … Amazing …

Using a soft bristle brush or, better yet, your fingers, spreading honey or chocolate flavored paint on the partner's body can be transformed into a fantastic game full of sensuality and eroticism. Once the edible paint has been spread over the areas of the body most sensitive to our caresses, it will be our lips and our tongue that will savor the signs and lines that we have left on that fantastic canvas.

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Shy, sensual, affectionate … I am Aldana, a girl who has never broken a plate. Soft skin proof of my tender youth, erect and natural breasts, I love that they excite me through them. I am a more passionate inexperienced escort, I am excited by the idea of locking myself in a bedroom with an unknown person, that his hand sneaks between my legs, that I feel the humidity that denotes my excitement. I am like the usual young bride who little by little discovers the pleasures of sex in the company of her experienced lover …