You can always and always think that now, with your age or with the time you have spent with your partner, you have done and said everything, but it is not like this! Surely there are millions of things that you have not yet dared to do with your partner. You just have to propose it, and since both of you will be committed to following the steps that we propose, you will have no excuses for not doing it. One of the dangers that all seducer apprentices run is that of falling into a relationship in which their role is reduced to exercising what is known as a hinge boyfriend. What is the boyfriend hinge? The boyfriend hinge is the nail that removes another nail, the blackberry that cleans the taint of another blackberry, the couple that an abandoned woman seeks to, in a way, mitigate the sensitive disasters caused by the departure of her ex. You are practically coming of age, you are going to have to take charge of your existence! I will be happy when you work, head on over to your silver and don't find out about the sordid details of your life. Will he succeed in this competitive and shocked world? That boy is so anarchic. I think he will need me all my life, but I am in good health, this torture will be long. Of course, if they asked my dad, he would also affirm that for him I have been a burden and would simply list the large number of decisions of mine that have affected and tormented him. Young people, however, frequently cannot understand the Tao. In the words of Dr. Sun Ssumiao in his Free Prescriptions, When a man is in his youth, he usually does not understand the Tao. Or even if you listen to it or read it, you are not likely to fully believe and practice it. However, when he reaches his fragile old age, he will realize the meaning of the Tao. But by then it is often too late, while you are generally too sick to fully benefit from it.

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