Do you think that the first thing we see in a photograph is personality? Well no, NEVER and the man who says it is a liar. We always and at all times let ourselves be carried away by the image, the physical, in this way we were created, it is our animal nature, feeling attraction to a physical or a body and meditating on copulating and reproducing ourselves, that is the masculine essence. Then comes the process of falling in love, we are the complete opposite of, although they also look at physics, it is not the same. I give you a demonstration, put on a very short or sensual garment, let men see meat the moment you dress … and then you tell me if any man says to you: Woman I love the way you are, or Well woman you are such a considerate person, or woman you see that you are successful, NEVER the only thing you will hear is; Huyyy rich mommy, how are you good, cosota, Huyyy que que, and the most reserved or educated gentleman will tell you: beautiful angel, you are a queen, what a wonder of woman and the most serious or afflicted will simply look at your standards or your breasts surreptitiously. (This rate only applies in Colombia haha) And that is normal woman; do not get angry, of course, I do not justify disrespect or harassment EVER and that is one thing that we must completely eradicate. But that is the truth. And that, sometimes, friendship can act as a pressure factor that can play against our interests. People are used to rushing so that the abandoned or neglected start looking for a partner as soon as possible. Such pressure can find fertile ground in people who do not know how to be alone. The one nail removes another nail not always and in all circumstances gives the desired result. Sometimes, starting a new relationship shortly after the end of another can give way to falling into toxic behaviors (jealousy, submission, dependency, etc.). You have to keep in mind something that is fundamental, and that is that you have to save yourself. Self the one to be cured. Nobody is going to come to do for us the internal work that we can only do and that will only bear fruit if we are the ones who do it.

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