With NLP we can accentuate positive memories so that they have more influence on our behavior and minimize the harmful aspect of those bad memories that on many occasions were the starting point to develop some limiting belief in our life. This need for economic security can achieve the extreme of confusing luxury mixed with rare lust. It is in this sense that it is simple to recognize a most dangerous prostitution precisely because it is very unconscious. And judicially it is not recognized as prostitution due to the material interest it exercises, but rather the opposite, legally it is known as love. What lowers the integrity of women who are not alike. These statistics are not based only on a separate study, but rather on a comprehensive analysis of more than thirty studies carried out in the last fifty years by the American philosopher Elisabeth Lloyd and described in her article The Case of the Female Orgasm published by the University from Harvard. Now you are ready to get where you want to do it. Not only have you left pain behind but you have done the great personal job of knowing yourself, of knowing who you are. Discover your direction, what you like and are passionate about and follow it. You are great, you are a survivor, a warrior. It is essential not to forget that one of the greatest enemies of the vagina is the absence or decrease of estrogens that occurs during menopause. When this occurs, it atrophies. The vaginal tissue thins and becomes dry, causing pain during intercourse, vaginal irritation, itching, and burning. The lack of estrogens, in addition, causes an increase in vaginal infections. Hence, it is essential that you are aware of your sexual health and go to medical control after 45 years to prepare for what menopause will bring.