In the same way as an object, the popsicle never presents its needs to its partner. Much less fight for them. You don't even feel like you have a right to it. Previously renounce your existence as an individual with your own rights and needs. He will seek to achieve it by showing off physical objects (sumptuous, valuable, unique) that trigger envy, or by exhibiting a relationship with someone who functions as a peacock's tail, that is, as an object with which to adorn himself. If you are in a committed relationship, think about whether your partner will share your interests and, if so, how this shared journey can affect you and your partner, individually and as a unit. This is important, as a joint Tantric learning journey can be a wonderful experience, as long as the two partners share the same interest. When my partner and we met we did not promise each other eternal love, but always, at all times, respect, honesty and splendor reigned from the beginning. When I met him, I no longer needed anyone to rescue me and I was a self-assured person, who loved and admitted himself the way he was. We felt physical attraction first, and then we just wanted to be with each other because we laughed a lot together and liked each other. He wanted to introduce himself to his friends and that I get to know his surroundings, and I wanted the same. Perhaps one aspect that surprised me enormously as unusual was that we first had a relationship, and then, eventually, in its right moment, love came.